Why she was Famous


            Marie Antoinette was famous beacuse she was the last Queen of France.  The thing Maire Antoinette was most famous for was her saying, " Let them eat cake!"  Marie Antoinette is also known for her connection to starving peasants, outrageous scandals, and for becoming the  guillontined Queen of France.  Some of those reasons why she became famous aren't good, but that's who Marie Antoinette was. Marie Antoinette was also known for having numerous lovers, and so she became known as the " Austrian Whore."  No evidence has ever shown any reason why Maire Antoientte should not be famous for that.  Athough she did have some good reasons why she was famous.  Maire Antoientte did get alot more respect when she gave birth to her first daughter, then followed by her son.  Once she had her son alomost every person in France had alot more respect and liked her alot more as their queen.  As she gave birth to each of her kids, she gained 4 times  more respect, then when she was first made the queen.